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Hypnotherapy Epsom

We help people in and around Epsom to resolve their anxiety, conquer unwanted behaviours (like smoking), take control of their weight and their relationship with food, give birth in a way that makes them feel in control, become more confident, improve their sports performance and much more. Addressing issues like these is made so easier with hypnotherapy.

If you are looking at our website there is probably something that you want to be different. It may be something to do with how you are thinking and/or feeling about issues or people, or it might be that you want to replace old behaviours or habits with ones that would make you feel happier or more confident. Based on the belief that:

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”

we are here to guide you to make the changes that will enable you to achieve your goals. It may be you are experiencing: anxiety; low mood; have a fear or phobia; relationship issues; you may be experiencing fertility issues or looking for hypnotherapy to help with pregnancy / birth; maybe you want to lose weight; ‘you may want to improve your performance in sports or at work; give up smoking or just generally feel more positive about life. We can help with all of these things and many others. There is more detail on some of these areas under hypnotherapy on the tabs at the top. However, this list is not exhaustive; please call or email us to discuss whatever change you want to make and we will explain how hypnotherapy may be able to help you.

We understand that you probably know what you want to change.  You might even know why you are finding it hard to do so and/or be able to describe all the positive benefits that making these changes would bring you. And yet you may be finding it hard to make the change. Hypnotherapy can help ease the process – one client described our work as a ‘plumbing job’ – unblocking the build up, over time, of all sorts of things that clogged up his thought processes and prevented him from making the changes he wanted to make in the way he wanted to make them!

Hypnotherapy in Epsom and surrounding areas

Hypnotherapy EpsomHere at the Odyssey Partnership we have been delivering services to clients for more than 12 years and whilst we describe ourselves as Epsom Hypnotherapy, we work with people from many different geographical areas including Ewell, Ashtead, Leatherhead, Dorking and Banstead.  You will find details of how to reach us from these areas under the Contact menu item at the top of this page.

The Odyssey Partnership have been practising hypnotherapy in Epsom, Surrey since 2006. With a combined experience using hypnotherapy with clients of over 12 years, both Donna and Alison have their own specialist areas and therefore offer a broad experience range. We are Cognitive Hypnotherapists and this means that we integrate hypnotherapy with a range of techniques and interventions including NLP, EFT, EMI and positive psychology. You will find us flexible and responsive to your needs.

Hypnotherapy for change

So whether you believe you can change at this moment in time doesn’t matter, you have made the decision to begin this process:

“You do not have to see the whole staircase… just take the first step”

Many clients report that once they have made the decision to choose hypnotherapy and take action  they begin to immediately feel more positive and in control. So why not contact us for a free discussion about how we can help you and begin the change you want to make now?