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In our experience clients who come to see us for weight loss come, not because they simply eat too much of the wrong things, but because they have not been successful in breaking poor eating habits through dieting in the past.

Weight loss through dieting can make us feel deprived of the pleasures food brings us or maybe we feel isolated because it stops us from socialising; e.g.’ I mustn’t go out for a drink’ or ‘I can’t say yes to the meal out’. If we are already feeling sad, depressed or worried about our body shape, compounding this with additional feelings of deprivation isn’t a recipe for success.

Woman-eating-crispWhen all the diets and exercise in the world are not providing you with the success you want, it might be a good idea to try hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy for weight loss is often the last resort used when you want to lose some weight.  Studies have shown that it can be around 30% more successful in encouraging weight reduction when compared with diets. Some medical professionals think it’s because hypnotherapy helps people to moderate their portion sizes and refrain from snacking etc. This is what enables them to lose unwanted weight.

One study split a group of sixty ladies into two groups; one group had hypnotherapy for weight loss and the other had no hypnotherapy. Suffice it to say, the group having hypnotherapy lost typically 17lbs, whilst the group that had no hypnotherapy only lost an average of half a pound! (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1986).

The reality is that eating the wrong food is rarely done simply for pleasure, rather because we have, over time, learnt to link food to emotions:
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Hypnotherapy for weight loss

  • ‘I did really badly, I’ll cheer myself up with a cream cake’
  • ‘I’m feeling really fed up, I’ll treat myself to a slab of cheese’
  • ‘I’m feeling really snappy, must be the time of the month ….. I need chocolate’
  • ‘Well, the damage is done now, I’ve ruined the diet, I’m always going to be fat. I’ll never be able to lose weight. Might as well drink the rest of the bottle’


How can Cognitive Hypnotherapy for weight loss help?

We can help you to:
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  • break those old associations between emotion and food, thus enabling weight loss more easily than you might imagine
  • feel relaxed about life in general and about food (so that we can consume the food that is right for us, rather than the thoughts and prospects of having or not having it consuming our thoughts and emotions)
  • reframe any events that might have compounded these associations in the past
  • make positive choices about your food and lifestyle that will enable you to become the person you want to be
  • visualise the shape, the person you want to be, so that every choice you make can be influenced by a positive image. Choices made positively bring a sense of well-being – the very opposite of a sense of deprivation!

We are not nutritionists.  However, we understand that if we can assist you to break poor habits and negative associations then you will be better able to choose food that helps you to reach your goal.

Good nutrition is important and so is support. Some of our clients enjoy attending weight loss classes whilst they are on their weight loss journey and our work supports this. They may also choose to increase their exercise and we can assist by helping them to feel motivated to stick to their goals, both during their weight loss journey and afterwards as well.