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Hypnotherapy for public speakingSo you’ve been told you need to do a demonstration in your forthcoming business meeting. Although you find speeches a little nerve-wracking, you tell yourself it will be just fine. Nevertheless, as your meeting swiftly approaches, you start to wish you’d never decided to do it. Merely thinking about yourself talking before a room filled with men and women makes your heart start to pound.

So is this a familiar scene?

It’s actually not as uncommon as perhaps you may imagine. Around 10 percent of British adults battle against social anxiety; therefore; around 6.3 million men and women know precisely how you are feeling.

How do presentation nerves impact us?

Fear of speaking in public can make life extremely difficult and can have a significant effect on a person’s life; from quitting college or not being in position to come across positively in job interviews, to avoiding promotion at work if the new role calls for making sales pitches.

Prevalent social anxiety indicators are:
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  • Inflated pulse
  • Perspiration or getting hot
  • Going red
  • Stomach cramps or nausea
  • Brain freeze
  • Stuttering or stammering
  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia in the lead up to a presentation event
  • Hypnosis for presentation anxiety and speaking in public

Presentation nerves will often be triggered by early experiences of shame or distress in a social setting. Even when we don’t recall them, these experiences are held in the subconscious and make up the conscious ideas we have about ourselves, like ‘I can’t speak in front of a group because I’ll end up saying something stupid’.

By steering the customer into a place of deep relaxation, the hypnotherapist has access the client’s subconscious mind and build new, beneficial suggestions about the person’s capacity to handle social situations. Not only can this help the customer to feel at ease and self-confident with public speaking and speeches, but they are also apt to experience advancements in other parts of their life too after they are free of prior undesirable beliefs about themselves.

Social phobia and presentation nerves are reasonably clear-cut and easy to deal with by working with a hypnotherapist.

In numerous cases, clients notice that they start to feel and respond more confidently to social situations within a few treatments.

Hypnotherapy for public speakingHypnotherapy for presentation anxiety can help you:
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  • Help you to feel on top of things and assured during presentations
  • Get involved in conferences, networking, and cold calls without any anxiety and panic.
  • Enable you to feel relaxed with being the centre of attention.
  • Actually enjoy presenting and public speaking!


The Odyssey Partnership provides assistance from hypnotherapists whose specialist area is social phobia, like fear of speaking in group meetings, going red, shyness, stuttering, etc. Donna and Alison have helped quite a few people in the industry and corporate world become self-assured and confident speakers.

Hypnotherapy for public speaking not only aids in commercial matters; it has also assisted people feel more confident when delivering wedding speeches and toasts, PTA events, and even making complaints!