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Golf: It’s all in the Mind!

Hypnotherapy for GolfWhat gives Tiger Woods the edge? It might be that he is physically designed to be a great golfer, he is certainly skilled. But, could it be more than that?

What if what gives Tiger the real advantage is that he has used powerful self hypnosis techniques to stay calm and in the zone since he was a teenager?

Like many other sports-people Tiger recognises that he needs to be 100% focused on the course and the game in hand. And, in an environment where you are surrounded by spectators, TV crews etc that can be difficult!

When you learnt to play golf no doubt you needed to grasp new physical skills: how to grip the club, position your legs and how to swing the club. All sport involves the same procedure for mastering the physical side, learning strategies and skills. It is those sports-people who are able to utilise their physical skills whenever they need to that are the most successful and to do that they need to be in ‘the zone’. They need to approach each shot as if it is the first they have played that day.

Using hypnotherapy for golf improvement

At the Odyssey Partnership we have heard stories from golfers such as ‘once I’ve mucked up one shot I know I’m going to have a dodgy few holes before I get back on an even keel’ or ‘once a fellow player says you don’t seem to be having a good game today it immediately goes from bad to worse’. Golfers never come to us and say ‘can you please improve my swing from a technical perspective’. This is just as well! We believe that golfers are the experts in ‘what’ to do. We simply use hypnotherapy for golf to help them to believe, to trust that they know exactly what to do and how best to do it – whenever and wherever they play.

Golf, after all, is a game that requires a strong mind and rewards perseverance and focus.

Hypnotherapy for golfThe main reason that cognitive hypnotherapy can be an effective tool for golfers is simply because it taps into the most helpful area of the mind – the unconscious.

Whilst your conscious mind is ingenious, precise and abstract it is nonetheless, unbelievably restricted in its capabilities and is only able to process a few thoughts at a time. Each of the actions that you just do without thinking, inhaling and exhaling, speaking, swallowing without making a conscious effort to achieve them – these are all controlled by your unconscious mind.

As we develop and learn new things, such as reading and climbing, it is the massive learning ability of our unconscious mind that takes in all of the information, making it possible for us to carry on gaining knowledge and thriving. Your unconscious mind is unrestricted; it uses every piece of information you ever learned to enable you to operate optimally. Furthermore, it is incredibly underused. Most people try to use the conscious part of our mind to achieve – reciting constructive words and recalling information we have read. Yet this is not really an effective way to move forward.

We’re built to comprehend new things and your brain comes into its own when both the conscious and unconscious are focused and work in harmony to achieve a targeted goal.

Your unconscious mind is where your undesirable habits are stored and if you have ever tried to break a habit you may remember how drawn you were to keep doing the behaviour that you wanted to stop. Even though you consciously chose to stop doing something another part of your mind, your unconscious, seemed to be intent on keeping it going. That is how potent this portion of your brain is. It is not to be underestimated. Just as it can sabotage good conscious thoughts and intentions your unconscious can be harnessed to assist you to achieve your goals.

If you can make a connection with this section of your mind, you may achieve a lot more than you ever imagined you could. As a minimum, using cogntive hypnotherapy could teach you self relaxation; feeling calm and unworried can help you to feel in control; and, feeling in control can make you feel more confident about achieving success. Furthermore, you may find hypnotherapy can assist you to break any limiting beliefs you hold (otherwise known as the stories we tell ourselves about how the game is going to go, whether today will be a day you play well or not etc!).

Golfers are often prepared to invest large sums of money in new clubs etc. Yet, many find that it is the investment in the psychological aspects of the game that bring them the most benefits.

To find out more about using hypnotherapy for golf to improve your goal and sports performance in general please contact Donna or Alison of the Odyssey Partnership for a free and confidential discussion.