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Hypnotherapy for AnxietyWe may not use the word anxiety or anxious, instead we may choose to describe ourselves as feeling stressed or panicked.

Anxiety can be generated as the result of a whole host of emotions such as fear, embarrassment, guilt or shame. In our experience, emotions that cause anxiety are usually linked to fear in some way, e.g. fear of being caught or found out. Anxiety can make us feel less confident, less able, it can erode our self esteem and make us feel less worthy, less likeable or less loveable.

Sometimes we worry that if we choose hypnotherapy we might have to connect with these negative emotions in a way that we really don’t want to do. Well, guess what? You are already connecting with them and look at the result! So why not try something different?

How can cognitive hypnotherapy for anxiety help?

The first thing we will do is ask you lots of questions about how you are thinking, feeling and behaving as you live with your anxiety and how you would like to feel, think and behave instead. This will help us and you to be able to benchmark changes so that you can know for certain that things are getting better.

Hypnotherapy can help you to feel relaxed and safe, even when addressing issues that you might have consciously avoided thinking about for years. And the great news is that we help you to develop skills and techniques so that, should you ever experience anxiety in the future, you will be able to use what you have learnt and feel so much more in control. We use a variety of different approaches – breathing techniques, EFT, pattern interrupt techniques, methods of showing you how you can control and manage symptoms whilst at the same time guiding and supporting you to address and resolve the underlying issues.

Feeling in control makes you feel more confident and feeling more confident means you are less likely to experience anxiety – a much more positive cycle than the one described above, I’m sure you will agree![vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″]

Anxiety Symptoms

Living with anxiety is rather like living in constant anticipation that something might happen, something bad. This can lead to us experiencing a whole host of physical symptoms such as:
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  • palpitations, high blood pressure
  • low mood, anger
  • tingling in arms and legs
  • headaches, skin conditions
  • digestive disorders or feelings of nausea
  • insomnia

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Psychological Anxiety Symptoms

Symptoms may manifest themselves psychologically too, including:
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  • lack of concentration
  • lack of pleasure in people, events or life in general
  • obsessing about something
  • irrational responses
  • low mood, anger
  • feelings of impending doom
  • fear of going mad and/or death