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Hypnotherapy for childbirthFor women thinking about using hypnotherapy for childbirth (hypnobirthing), it’s recommended they consult with a specialist in hypnotherapy for childbirth. Rather than a general hypnotherapist, hypnotherapists with a speciality in childbirth can teach a mum-to-be the right suggestions that will make the labour and delivery a wonderful experience.

Based upon statistics from the American HypnoBirthing® Institute, only 15% of pregnant ladies that had hypnotherapy for childbirth needed pain treatment in comparison to 70% requiring pain treatment from the non hypnotherapy group. The research continues to support the concept that hypnotherapy for childbirth is very helpful, with just 20% of mums who had hypnotherapy needing an epidural when compared with 70% within the group that had no hypnotherapy. Additional research continues to demonstrate the value of hypnotherapy by showing that expectant mothers that had received a hypnotic approach for childbirth stood a 20% reduced chance of experiencing an induction as well as a 16.5% reduced chance of having a C-section.

The Hypnobirthing with confident childbirth approach

Would you like to approach labour with excitement and have confidence in your ability to manage this natural process as well as you would like?

“We believe that this is perfectly possible to do.”

As trained practitioners of confident childbirth we will teach you techniques and work with you to develop your skills so that you can look forward to your labour and the prospect of meeting your new baby. Childbirth is the most natural of processes and we will assist you to harness your innate skills and resources so that this really can be an enjoyable experience for you.

“Our approach is 100% natural and holistic: harnessing your mind’s natural ability so that it can work in harmony with your body.”

We’ve found, as mothers ourselves, that people are only too willing to swap horror stories of extended labour, medical interventions, pain and exhaustion. The great news is that research has shown that practising the techniques we will teach you – managing the sensations you will encounter and remaining relaxed – leads to you feeling calmer and more confident during delivery, and a relaxed and confident mother creates the perfect environment for a calm and relaxed baby – bringing benefits than can continue long after labour has finished!

How can Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Hypnobirthing using Confident Childbirth help?

Feeling relaxed and in control can bring even more benefits:[vc_row][vc_column][list style=”arrow” color=”purple”]
Confident child

  • Reducing the feeling that there is a need for pain relief which in turn can reduce undesirable post operative effects for mother and baby
  • Shortening labour, therefore minimising exhaustion
  • Reducing incidents of medical intervention
  • Promoting a higher Agpar score for your baby
  • Shortening hospital stay
  • Reducing incidents of post natal depression
  • Promoting lactation

It is important to understand that whilst we teach these skills, it is the effort you put into practising that will make the difference. There is a major gap between ‘knowing’ how to do something consciously and becoming unconsciously competent at ‘doing’ it. As a result, you will only experience these benefits with consistent practice. On a positive note, practice involves sitting quietly and relaxing … there are more onerous ways of studying!!

You can begin this four session process at any time during pregnancy. Even if you are reading this thinking ‘I’ve left it too late’, you may be surprised at what can be achieved within even a short period of time, providing, of course, that you are committed to the practice!

“We can also work with partners who are anxious, have a fear of hospitals, blood etc. so that they too can look forward with calm confidence to sharing this very exciting time with you”

Please do give us a call to find out more about Hypnobirthing using Confident Childbirth. Our experience of birth happens so rarely and making it positive for ourselves, our partners and our baby is one of the greatest gifts we can give.