Bosses urged to do more as stress named top health concern by workers

Workplaces need a “transformation” in how mental health issues are tackled as stress reaches record levels, according to research.anxiety1

The TUC said stress is now the top health and safety concern, especially among public sector workers.

A survey of …

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Number of children seeking help for anxiety rising sharply, Childline charity warns


The number of children seeking help for anxiety has risen sharply, data from the NSPCC’s Childline service has suggested.child-anxiety

The helpline, which offers support and counselling for distressed children, said it answered 11,706 calls which mentioned anxiety in 2015-16. …

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Happiness is overrated and contentment much maligned! Controversial? content-1

So many of us talk about achieving happiness, but what exactly does that mean? Is happiness something fleeting?  Can we be happy all of the time?  Is it even realistic?

My …

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Who Is The Best Client?

I am often asked ‘Who is the best client?’, ‘What is the most interesting type of client?’. My answer is ‘All of my clients’.   I think this is what makes being a Hypnotherapist so interesting, so challenging and so exciting.  …

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